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Star Trek: Into Darkness

Lighting Artist

Was in charge of finishing lighting on all the CG seatbelts shots of the movie, about 13 shots.

I later was turned over to 4 shots on the "Engine Room Sequence". This sequence required a full CG environment exceptuating the catwalk and actors. Starting from a lighting rig created by the Lead Lighting TD I went in and lit the shots according to the artistic direction provided by the VFX Supervisor. I worked on other sequences on the show providing support to the compositing team with various tasks.



Art of VFX article

"JJ and Roger zeroed in on one of them, our creature artist David Dame built and textured it in Maya, and our lighter/comper Nèstor Prado rendered the final result and comped it to perfection!"



Project Duration:

3 Months


J. J. Abrams


Star Trek: Into Darkness

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