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Star Trek: Secrets of the Universe Documentary

Generalist TD

Created Camera and Animation Layout for the "Generation Ship" sequence on the documentary. It was a full CG space environment. The asset of the USS Enterprise was provided by ILM and was neded to be converted to fit into the V-Ray pipeline used at Atomic Fiction.

I was in charge of writing several scripts in Python that automatized the conversion and rehooked all the textures provided (600+ shaders and thousands of texture maps). For the special shaders like the deflector shield and blue orbs in front of the 2 engines I created procedural shaders as no textures were provided.

Also developed a simple workflow to utilize the power and speed of V-Ray proxies speeding the final render times considerably as well as overall speed in scene handling.




Project Duration:

2 Months


Anthony Giacchino


Star Trek: Secrets of the Universe Documentary

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