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Assassin's Creed

Lighting and Look Development Sequence Lead

Seville Sequence of Assassin’s Creed

Providing lighting setups and workflows for shading, managing and rendering all shots in sequence.

  • Created Initial lighting setups for key shots in sequence that informed the look (lighting-wise) across the different sections of the environments features in the sequence.
  • Created master look development for most of the elements in the sequence. Including City Houses, Market elements, feature buildings such as bell towers, mosques, etc.
  • Supervised all other look development for sequence
  • Developed look development for main city houses maintaining a look that could be used with our point cloud implementation of the city or with our shading variable setup for Clarisse.
  • Developed procedural crowd shading for city crowds.

Hero Digidouble Lookdev: Aguilar, Maria (Assassins) and Ojeda (villain)

  • Full look development of body and costumes for main hero digi-doubles except for groom.
  • After first RGB textures were generated for Aguilar (Michael Fassbender) and its costume, all other subsequent auxiliary maps like Specular, Specular Roughness and Bump/Displacement were generated in Clarisse as a mode of TexDev. These were then provided to the texture artist to upres and hand paint with correct values allowing for minimal tweaks once re-supplied back to lookdev.

Shading Variable Tool Development in Clarisse, plus miscellaneous Clarisse Scripts.

  • Developed Shading Variable tool in Clarisse to allow artists to quickly add/modify shading variables to geometry. By creating their own or using existing presets.
  • Developed Various Shading Variable scripts to aid in the workflow designed during the project. Examples include transferring city shading variables from scenes or applying shading variables based on presets to a large number of assets based on specific rules.

Clarisse Lead, providing training to show artists.:

  • Trained show artists in workflows, and setups for sequence inside of Clarisse.
  • Provided support for crew resolving and reporting bugs to the RND team.




Project Duration:

12 Months


Justin Kurzel


Assassin's Creed

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