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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Lighting / Look Development Artist

Look development of various assets and Ethan Hunt and Benji Digi-Doubles.

Lead Artist on the mask machine sequence. In charge of developing the look, lighting and rendering for a 3 shot sequence showing the mask machine printing a silicone mask.

The initial look development was done inside of clarisse to get initial renders of mask machine and fluid sims. Due to some specific shading elements that needed to be achieved a decision was made to continue development inside of Autodesk Maya and to use the latest commercial release of Prman 19. Since that meant going off pipeline some pipe scripts were created to facilitate my transition from one 3d package to another.



Fx Guide article

(...) “In our tests, everyone thought it looked really real, but it didn’t really look like the rubber mask that Tom has to put on Simon. It was way more realistic than the rubber thing. (...) the shading models were just as complicated - silicone still has a sub-surface property, it still absorbs light and scatters it in very strange ways.”



Project Duration:

5 Months


Christopher McQuarrie


Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

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