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Jupiter Ascending

Look-Development, Lighting, Rendering, Prep-Comp.

Part of the 5 member team responsible of creating CG wings for final sequence on Jupiter Ascending. These CG wings were done only using poly-planes as no feather grooming system was available. Working closely with our Creature Supe, Shading Supe and Senior Texture artist I developed the final look of the CG wings and metal elements from reference, concept art and client notes.

Look development of various hard-surface assets including 12+ spaceships, hero props: deciport, falque's eye piece. Also various props and CG assets like: doors, fire escapes, offices.

Responsible for look development of 4 digi-doubles: 2 costumes per main actor. Digi-doubles corresponding to final sequence and jupiter refinery sequence.

Lighting rig creation for 6 hero shots on final wing sequence. As well as miscellaneous lighting shots in various sequences involving digi-doubles and CG environments.




Project Duration:

10 Months


Andy and Lana Wachowski


Jupiter Ascending

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