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The Midnight Sky

Look Development - Lighting

My main contribution to this project was to produce the hero look development for characters Adewole ( David Oyelowo ) and Maya ( Tiffany Boone ). These digital doubles needed to be as close as possible to the original actors due to the nature of the shots that they needed to be used in. Inserted as face replacement and in full CG shots with dialogue.

CG Maya (Tiffany Boone)
Comparison between David Oyelowo and Digital Adewole


Breakdown of The Midnight Sky

Breakdown for some of the VFX Framestore created for The Midnight Sky. My main contribution to the project was the look development of digital doubles for characters Adewole and Maya featured in this breakdown.

BBC Click's breakdown of The Midnight Sky

Spacewalk Sequence Digital Adewole Examples

Movie available on Netflix



Project Duration:

5 Months


George Clooney


The Midnight Sky

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