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Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

Lighting Lead

Lighting Lead for Framestore London Sequences:

  • Underground Battle sequence light rig development. (Workflows and technical implementation)
  • Sequence Light Rig setup for HiHat Caffe interior.
  • Magikarp Pokemon Look Development
  • Reference Viewer tool development. Tool designed to search and present to users all related reference footage, photography of each slate/shot on the show.

Underground Battle Sequence
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Underground Battle Sequence



Excerpt from Framestore's Pokemon Detective Pikachu write-up

The sequence involved roughly 200 shots, and recreating hundreds of animated lights. “It was like recreating an entire concert arena,” says Lighting Supervisor Nestor Prado. “We created a setup that could adapt to every shot and that was relatively straightforward to synchronize with the plates filmed. The number of Pokémon in this sequence was also really high: we had a large number of hero characters and an even bigger number of background characters – as many as 40 in some instances.”



Project Duration:

12 Months


Rob Letterman


Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

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