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Pacific Rim: Uprising

Lighting Supervisor

As the first Lighting Supervisor to join the show 

  • Complete Re-design of full Lighting Pipeline and Workflow.
  • Designed and Implemented Scene Assembly tool for Clarisse to be able to build scenes based on abstract scene recipes. 
  • Co-designed environment-to-fx-to-lighting workflow. This was a fully featured system that went from city layout, output of city geometry in point cloud form, feeding to fx to use in destruction pipeline
  • Designed Jaeger destruction look development preset system to allow lookdev artists to implement look variants that could be tracked through the show and driven by config files. Each Jaeger asset had 1 look file that contained all the variants that were needed.
  • Procedural City look development supervisor. Oversaw the procedural look development of Mega Tokyo. Designed the procedural workflow for look development of all procedural buildings.
  • Lighting Supervisor of 2 Mega Tokyo fight sequences, over-saw lighting team that delivered 70 fx heavy full cg shots.



Pacific Rim Uprising: #BehindtheVFX

Pacific Rim Uprising: Dneg Feature

Pacific Rim Uprising: Art of VFX



Project Duration:

18 Months


Steven S. DeKnight


Pacific Rim: Uprising

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